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We make Placement process super easy. Connecting India's brightest minds with right opportunity.


Tnplive Advantage

The Tnplive Platform solves the hardest problems in placement on the easiest-to-use platform. Providing powerful new capabilities to placement team to work collaboratively and get more done.


Easy to setup, use and adapt. Be up and start quickly. So responsive that anyone can use it. ease-of-use at its core.


Maximize automation, control placement, manage student, and smartly improve your workflow. Level up your productivity.


Yet simple, everything has been intentionally designed to include the features you want, without being complicated.

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Providing a matching tool for every stakeholder in placement process. Automation and ease of operation is our DNA.

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Tnplive is the official placement managment software for more than 15+ colleges.

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Put your placement on speedy track

An amazing Placement Management Software from Syncwell infotech pvt.ltd.