We work in three tier architecture i.e. Super Admin, Admin (T&P officer) and student. Once all stakeholder are registered with us, we provide all live experiences for supper easy process

We store your data in highly secured data centre. It offers Privacy, Integrity, Data Protection, Identification and Authentication, Network Service Protection.

Data centre provides a Holistic Security Model.

Unique QR code shall be generated whenever required (mobile or laptop), students scan this QR code with their mobiles on the spot and their presence has been noted by the app.

Yes we are providing a light weighted app for T & P officers and students with trimmed functionality. Such as attendance, notification, view of job feed etc.

In admin panel add companies option allow to register various companies. In placement option campus drive detail allow to open placement job for the students.

No. only eligible students fulfill the criteria set by recruiter can only see the job post and apply for the same.

Yes we do provide seamless communication between all stakeholders in real time.

Tnplive designed in such a way that, it provides meaningful data insight of placement.

It provides predefined formats of datasets, helpful in most of the academic accreditation and approvals; such as NBA, NAAC, and AICTE.it further help to improve student?s capability.

We allow setting custom criteria according to various recruiters, we have sharply design engine for this task. Relavant student gets instant notification about job posting.

We proved services for one complete academic year usually starts in June-July and ends at May-June.

Your old data and reports shall be their even your subscription expires or you decided not to continue with Tnplive.

Yes, Students data always dynamic, we allow to edit the data by students any time through student login. Updated information again needs to verify by T & P coordinator.

Students receive timely communication for any placement drive, and they can apply on the go. All process for applying job is automatic; no manual intervention. They can have analysis of weak areas and scope of improvement for the further job posting.

Yes, we advised students to fill the profile information in correct and adequate manner with all due details. Our resume generator feature generate the latest resume for students in pdf format.