Register your Students with Tnplive
Get subscription from Tnplive and register your students with Tnplive, open opportunity for them to select in placement drive.

Open placement drive
Based on placement cycle received by tnp department, open the campus drive for students on Tnplive platform.

Criteria based short listing
Only eligible students shall take part in the process, rest of the students on hold for next companies.

Students on android app
Each student can access training and placement data on android app specially designed for them. Students can view notification and job opening in campus, students can apply directly through app.

Consolidate the student’s data
As placement drives progress, move on the students round by round and data shall be consolidated automatically on Tnplive platform.

Generate placement reports
Customize placement report with graphs and charts can be generated according to institute requirement.

Data analytics
Based on consolidated data various analytics can be performed. Data insights will be very helpful for course correction exercise.